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Season 2 Episode 6: Boundaries

"When you step in dog shit, you don't throw your shoes out, you clean the shit off."

Laura and guests Gina, Sarah, Corwin, and Ken (all friends of the Ready for Polyamory blog, some previous guests of the podcast) discuss the importance of being aware of your own personal boundaries and the multitude of shapes those can take in this week's podcast episode.

All of our relationships are shaped by the interplay of different people's boundaries, so this topic is really important, and depending on your own socialization, whether because of gender, race, class, or simply your family's habits, you may have an easier or harder time recognizing and enforcing those boundaries. We hope you find this episode informative and entertaining - I tried not to cut out every meander off topic into a joke because the laughing did us good.

Gina and Sarah are friends of the blog who were kind enough to not only help record this, but don't even have anything to promote on top of it. Corwin, as always, is the charming owner and operator of Upline, and is putting on a virtual fundraiser in cooperation with The Society on February 13 that you can find more information on here. Ken Briodagh is, in addition to being a guest contributor to the show and the Ready for Polyamory blog, an excellent author whose latest book, Stories and Sins, you can find here.

As always, you can find the podcast at, as well as all the various places you get podcasts, and subscribing at your favorite podcast reader is the best way to get immediate updates when there are new posts! (Reviews and ratings are always appreciated, as they get us in the most ears!)

If you'd like to support the podcast and blog, we have a Patreon at, or if you prefer to throw a one time tip in the hat, a ko-fi at Listener and reader support covered our 2020 hosting, and we're immensely appreciative.

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