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Classes and Events

Where to find Laura and Ready for Polyamory, online and in person, at upcoming events. Contact me at if you'd like to book me for your event or a class at your venue; I'm available digitally and in person in 2024.

Polyamory 101 April 8, 2024 6pm PT, 9pm ET

Presented Online for Wicked Grounds - Sliding scale priced information for beginners to nonmonogamy &polyamory on vocabulary around this lovestyle, how to tell if it may be for you, common misconceptions, coming out, practical solutions for typical early challenges and a q&a. Tickets here.

Polyamory and Parenting, May 5, 2025 11 am PT 2pm ET 7pm UK

Online class discussing the many strawman "what about the kids" arguments polyam parents face as well as practical, legal, medical and other concerns of polyam families, how to come out to kids of different ages, including new partners in children's lives and removing them in case of breakups, and more. Tickets here

Relationship Anarchy Applied May 6 2024, 6pm PT 9pm ET

Presented online for Wicked Grounds - Sliding scale priced examination of Relationship Anarchy through the lens of kink relationships, play partnerships, and fluid changes in long term maintenance of these. Goes through the tenets of the RA manifesto as well as addressing practical ways to apply non-mono coping mechanisms to kink relationships that consider themselves monogamish outside of specific narrow play relationships. Tickets here

Polyamory and Power Exchange Relationships, May 29 2024, 6pm PT 9pm ET

Presented online for Wicked Grounds - Sliding scale priced discussion and examination of the many ways folks combine and handle the tensions and contrasts of the often egalitarian nature of polyamorous relationships and the unequal-by-design nature of power exchange relationships. A 90-minute conversation where I share some ways to look at these things and some strategies I've learned by talking to people over the years and being in these relationships myself but also invite attendees to share their lived experiences. Tickets here

Building And Breaking Boundaries (with Sarah Casper), June 9, 2024 11 am PT 2pm ET 7pm UK

“Boundaries” is a buzzword. But most frameworks for teaching and talking about them are rigid and don't take context into account. How you navigate boundaries with your boss will be different than how you do so with your child. How you approach boundaries with one partner might even be different than how you approach boundaries with another partner. 


In this 90-minute workshop by Sarah Casper (@comprehensiveconsent) and Laura Boyle (@readyforpolyamory), you’ll learn practical strategies for setting, respecting, and negotiating boundaries across situations. You’ll also learn how conversations about new boundaries or broken boundaries can create stronger and more fulfilling relationships.


Join us in conversation and learn how to navigate boundaries with all those people you love.

Bottoming Safety 201: Negotiating Edgeplay as a Submissive or Bottom, June 19, 2024, 6pm PT 9pm ET

Presented online for Wicked Grounds - Sliding scale priced class covering some of the common (and a few uncommon) ways that people play that aren't in a Negotiation 101 class - questions to ask to find out if a top is actually experienced in some of these types of play; common triggers to look out for and disclose in oneself; types of play that are not always regarded as edgeplay but have a high risk profile that the class should perhaps consider risks before engaging in with new partners and how to be more cognizant of what additional risk one is taking on in a scene. Further description and tickets here

The Ready for Polyamory Podcast and Classes

It can be challenging to find clear information about non-monogamy in formats we internalize well. The Ready for Polyamory Podcast is available on all major podcast services and includes overviews of big current topics in non-monogamy as well as important basics. The guests who come join me on there are a wonderful cross section of non-monogamous life, education, and creativity.

Some of my most popular classes are being made available as downloadables on my ko-fi shop. If you can't make the live classes, or the fact that many of the organizations I partner with don't allow for recording means you don't have time to process information fully, making a purchase of a recording might be for you. If something isn't available yet, send me an email - I'll let you know if it's one of the ones in preparation, or when I'm teaching it next.

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