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Classes and Events

Where to find Laura and Ready for Polyamory, online and in person, at upcoming events. Contact me at if you'd like to book me for your event or a class at your venue; I'm available digitally and in person in 2023.

Polyamory and Parenting

(Digital Class for Wicked Grounds)

March 13, 2023 6pm PT 9pm ET

Many polyamorous people have to address the strawman reaction of “But what about the children?” When they come out as polyamorous - and still more have concerns about how their relationships will intersect with them or their partners having children. This class touches on some of the biggest “kid issues” polyamorous folks will face, including:
Approaches to coming out to older children either as a theoretical idea or when you have additional relationships;
Addressing non-traditional family structures with toddlers and young children;
Explaining new partners and what their role is, or how it is evolving, to different age groups;
Concerns of schoolmates and other children yours may interact with;
Interactions with schools and doctors offices regarding children and additional partners or additional parents;
Legal concerns of multi-parent families;
Smoothing big relationship transitions for children, why and how one might want to do that.

Tickets here

Relationship Anarchy Applied - Play Partnerships

(Digital Class for Wicked Grounds)

March 25, 2023 2pm PT 5pm ET

Lots of monogamous or monogamish people in the kink community allow for play with folks who aren't their partner and then run into emotional turmoil as a result. Applying the theory of relationship anarchy and considering these play partnerships as relationships connected by the Greek "ludus," playful love, we can give people tools to work through conflicts, negativity, & concerns they may have as they and their partners explore play with others. This class will engage in CBT style activities as a group and in handouts for folks to take home to reframe negative thinking about moments in partners' play with others and focus on joy points rather than pain points in these relationships, as well as contain some lecture on polyamorous theory. Tickets here

Rochester Erotic Arts Festival

Weekend Conference- April 14-16, Rochester, NY


Beyond the Kitchen Table; Non-Escalator Relationships: Strategies and Challenges; and Intentional Relationships: Communication Strategies for Couples.

Many presenters and performers are included in the weekend, tickets go on sale Jan 15 and increase in price Mar 15, details here.

The Ready for Polyamory Podcast and Classes

It can be challenging to find clear information about non-monogamy in formats we internalize well. The Ready for Polyamory Podcast is available on all major podcast services and includes overviews of big current topics in non-monogamy as well as important basics. The guests who come join me on there are a wonderful cross section of non-monogamous life, education, and creativity.

Some of my most popular classes are being made available as downloadables on my ko-fi shop. If you can't make the live classes, or the fact that many of the organizations I partner with don't allow for recording means you don't have time to process information fully, making a purchase of a recording might be for you. If something isn't available yet, send me an email - I'll let you know if it's one of the ones in preparation, or when I'm teaching it next.

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