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Classes and Events

Where to find Laura and Ready for Polyamory, online and in person, at upcoming events. Contact me at if you'd like to book me for your event or a class at your venue; I'm available digitally and in person in 2023.

Stories We Can Play (Narrative Ageplay) - Digital

October 8, 6pm Pacific (9pm Eastern)

Presented for Wicked Grounds.

While certain ageplay and caregiver dynamics have been mainstreamed both within and to some extent outside of the kink world, there is a rich variety of emotional and narrative possibility to be explored under this umbrella by curious and caring players.

This class examines alternative storylines for scenes within tradtional dynamics and alternative dynamics, as inspirations for participants, as well as allowing time for class discussion of how caregiver dynamics have impacted their emotional expression and emotional landscape.

Tickets here

The Polyamorous Home

Digital Workshop w/ @Polyphiliablog

October 15, 2023, 2pm Eastern

What does cohabitation mean to you - is it a practical decision, or a step of emotional commitment? How do you balance the needs of the partners you live with, and the partners that you don't? How do you integrate new members of the polycule into your household and your finances? How does your nesting situation impact how you practise polyamory, and what are the benefits and risks?

Leanne @polyphiliablog and Laura @readyforpolyamory answer these questions and more in this 90-minute workshop, which includes an audience Q&A. We will walk through the unique challenges of nesting relationships in the polyamorous community, share our own experiences living on our own, with one partner, or multiple partners, and cover a wide range of topics from navigating the politics of sharing space to the ways economic privilege plays into decisions on nesting.

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Securing Sexuality Conference

Two Day Conference- October 19-20, Detroit, MI

Laura is speaking on the use of Discord to organize non-monogamous and kink group organization.

Securing Sexuality is the premier conference for people passionate about promoting sex positive, science based, and secure interpersonal relationships.

Many presenters are included in this event and 16 CE credits are available for therapists, tickets on sale now, details here.

Home for the Polydays: Holiday Planning for the Polyamorous - Digital

November 6, 6pm Pacific (9pm Eastern)

Presented for Wicked Grounds.

As a mom who has looked at a packed December family calendar and sobbed while knitting a gift with frosting from a sugar cookie on my nose, I can recognize that adding more partners seems like an extra stress on a time of year that can come with lots of expectations. This class presents common concerns and strategies for navigating the winter holiday season from Thanksgiving through Valentine’s Day for polyamorous folks, with special attention to:

  • Planning additional time together when some folks in a polycule are not ‘out;’

  • Working around schedules when there are various family traditions that run at the same time as one another;

  • Deciding whom to give holiday gifts to and how to have the conversations around that;

  • Differences in planning for kitchen table and parallel polycules;

  • +1 event strategies including holiday parties, but also applicable to weddings and year round events;

  • “One day” holiday feelings and holding space for different partners’ emotions about them;

  • Creating seasonal traditions not distinctly based on holiday dates.

This class helps give you tools and strategies to use the idea of building customized expectations based on mutual joy and not fear - fear of missing out, fear of not meeting cultural standards, fear of under-capitalisming the season, whatever - to lead you into a version of the season that brightens the fact that these are the shortest days of the year.

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Relationship Anarchy Applied: Play Partnerships- Digital

December 5, 6pm Pacific (9pm Eastern)

Presented for Wicked Grounds.

Lots of monogamous or monogamish people in the kink community allow for play with folks who aren't their partner and then run into emotional turmoil as a result.

Applying the theory of relationship anarchy and considering these play partnerships as relationships connected by the Greek "ludus" playful love, we can give people tools to work through conflicts, negativity, & concerns they may have as they and their partners explore play with others. This class will engage in activities as a group and in handouts for folks to take home to reframe negative thinking about moments in partners' play with others and focus on joy points rather than pain points in these relationships, as well as contain some lecture on polyamorous theory.

Tickets here

The Ready for Polyamory Podcast and Classes

It can be challenging to find clear information about non-monogamy in formats we internalize well. The Ready for Polyamory Podcast is available on all major podcast services and includes overviews of big current topics in non-monogamy as well as important basics. The guests who come join me on there are a wonderful cross section of non-monogamous life, education, and creativity.

Some of my most popular classes are being made available as downloadables on my ko-fi shop. If you can't make the live classes, or the fact that many of the organizations I partner with don't allow for recording means you don't have time to process information fully, making a purchase of a recording might be for you. If something isn't available yet, send me an email - I'll let you know if it's one of the ones in preparation, or when I'm teaching it next.

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