Laura Boyle is a writer, polyamorist, and educator who has been teaching classes on polyamory, sexuality, boundaries, kink, and the intersection of those on a local level and at conventions since 2018. She is the author of Ready for Polyamory: A Pragmatic Guide to Consensual Non-Monogamy. After more than 14 years in consensually non-monogamous relationships, in polycules that have ranged from temporarily closed Vs to constellations whose shapes are increasingly indescribable depending on which relationships folks consider worth including, she loves to share practical information learned from years of fixing her own mistakes and missteps. This, along with a desire to share theoretical information about CNM on a wider scale, led to the foundation of the Ready for Polyamory blog and podcast in 2020.

Laura and Ready for Polyamory have been referenced as polyamory resources in Cosmopolitan and on the Savage Lovecast, Kinkly, Girl on The Net, Coffee and KinkWell and Good, and Molly's Daily Kiss. The Ready for Polyamory Glossary is the most complete online polyam glossary at this time and has been cited in: The Conversation, The Journal Of Language and Sexuality, MamaMia, Philadelphia Weekly, I Fucking Love Science, The Real Sex Ed Podcast,  Polycon Canada, Slate, Gaysi, Feminuity and Salon.

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She's currently available to teach the following classes, digitally or in person; feel free to contact readyforpolyamory@gmail.com to schedule any of them, or for more information download details here.


-Polyamory 101

-Beyond the Kitchen Table: Modes and Models of Parallel Polyamory

-Relationship Anarchy Applied: Play Partnerships

-Polyamory and Parenting

-Just the STI Facts, Ma’am

-Intentional Relationships: Communication Strategies for Couples

-Non-Escalator Relationships: Strategies and Challenges

-Boundary Expression and Enforcement (A 101 Class From a Former Doormat)

-Polyamory and Power Exchange Relationships

-Kink Negotiation Primer

-Bottoming Safety 201: Negotiating Edgeplay Safely as a Bottom or Submissive