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Relationship Coaching

For individuals, triads, vees, and couples

After more than 15 years of non-monogamous relationships, I’m happy to help you find and build the relationships you want. I have the experience and the resources to help you around some of the most common missteps and pitfalls - and some of the uncommon ones. Let’s make your road a little smoother, together. 


As a non-monogamous parent who has lived both nested with partners and not, I know that there are particular challenges to holding egalitarian polyamorous or relationship anarchist ideals while nesting or while parenting. Helping clients navigate these challenges, or anticipate them to minimize their impact, is one of the most gratifying parts of my coaching practice. Having children is one of the biggest life transitions we can make, and one that we as a society often undersell because we expect everyone to do it. The changes it adds, often coming with gendered imbalances, to non-monogamous relationships, can add layers of complexity that previously didn’t exist. Let me help you, as an individual, couple, or polycule, determine and express how your relationship needs are changing with your life. 


Problems in non-monogamous relationships are mostly problems of transitions - of adding relationships to a network and balances shifting; of one person’s values and opinions changing more than another’s and accommodations needing to be made. These are not typically solved in a single conversation, though sometimes we can name them together in a first conversation. In light of this, I mostly have folks who opt to work with me for coaching sign up for three or six month terms (always with the option to stop early - consent is everything!) in order that we can see transitions through.


If you'd like to book a one-time appointment to see if we're a fit, or because you truly have a short-term issue, you can do so here. If you'd like to talk with me about it by email or learn more about the options, fill out my contact form below.


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