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Polyamory Support Groups


Each Polyamory Support Group I run is limited to eight individuals who meet with me in a small group every two weeks for ten sessions. The intimacy of this cohort size allows for the group to be supportive of one another as well, while I provide structure to discussions, answer questions, and encourage growth in your polyam journeys.

Transparent Pricing

The support group is priced at $695 per participant for the full run and I am happy to work out individualized payment plans with each participant. Sliding scale pricing is available.


Each Support Group is tailored around a particular shared trait or interest. The two launching in September 2023 are for polyam parents and for those new to polyamory.

Want to do it together?

If you want to sign up for group coaching with members of your polycule or relationship, the first member of a polycule (or of a parenting team for the parenting group) is full price and the remaining members are 50% off within a cohort. Contact me by email to sign up!

Future Topics

In addition to these topics, future support cohorts will be for:

-Bisexual and polyamorous

-Kinky and polyam

-People who WFH and are polyam

-Polyamorous Women

Private discussion between sessions

In addition to the ten sessions of coaching, each cohort will have a private discord built for it, which I'll interact with daily as well as folks being able to chat with each other over highs and lows in their relationship journeys throughout the four month period.

Are You Interested?

If you think you might be a good fit for one of the upcoming cohorts, drop me a line and we'll discuss it further

Thanks for submitting!
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