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Podcast Season 4 Episode 9: Polyamory in Fiction

In this week's podcast episode, Laura and her friend Abbie K. (Tiktok's @Polyanarchy) talk about a variety of fiction they've read that contains CNM &polyamorous relationships, trends they see in polyamorous literature, and favorite books with polyam relationships.

Laura's post on Polyam in Fiction:

Laura's review of I am My Beloveds:

Laura's review of Iron Widow:

Abbie's list of polyam fiction, which expands on Laura's one linked above, includes:

  • Adaption Triology by Malinda Lo

  • A Color Named Love (children's lit)

  • Conspiracy of Truths

  • Don't Bang the Barista (series)

  • Don't Close Your Eyes series

  • Fluidum (WebToon)

  • Iron Widow

  • Island on the Edge of Normal

  • In the Ravenous Dark

  • Indestructible Object by Mary McCoy

  • Kushiel's Dart

  • Muted (WebToon)

  • Open Earth

  • Strange Grace by Tessa Gratton

  • Swing (more swinging than Polyamory)

  • That Inevitable Victorian Thing

  • The Wicked + The Divine

  • This song is (not) for you by Laura Nowlin

  • The Fifth Season

  • The Wayfarer Series (Long Way to a Small Angry Planet)

  • The Wicker King by KA Ancrum

  • Weight of the Stars by KA Ancrum

Links to upcoming classes and events Laura is teaching at:

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