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The Podcast is Coming!

...Not like that, you! Mind out of the gutter a moment, would you? Season 3 of the Ready for Polyamory Podcast is launching next Saturday morning, and with the help of some spectacular guests, I'm bringing some amazing episodes your way over the next three months.

If you didn't get a chance to check out Season 2, now would be a good chance to do that, before I start inundating you with New Shiny Things to distract you. Some of these include an episode on attachment and trauma with Jessica Fern, author of PolySecure; an episode on Relationship Anarchy; a feature on different ways religion and polyamory have intersected in the lives of several polyamorists; and an episode talking about event planning, disability, and accessibility in polyam spaces with Rachael Rose of Hedonish, among other episodes. Patrons are getting an early release on Tuesday, and the rest of you will hear the first episode Saturday. I'm excited about all of it and I hope you all are too!

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If you aren't caught up with the podcast, listen to it here.

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