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Seven Days of Kink, Part 2: Nostalgia

Today for 7 days of Kink, the prompt was "What is your favorite kink, and why?" and my short answer was impact, and my long answer was a little nostalgic revisiting of a scene. I'm including relevant content warnings above the journal-revisiting I did, and then some safety considerations below (in case you want to try your own version at home, call that the adding reality).

CW: BDSM, Consensual Violence, breathplay, impact


“Every time your elbows go lower than your nipples, I’m adding ten. If my books hit the floor, it’s twenty extra.”

“Yes, Sir.” Why is a complete Shakespeare this heavy? What was the other book? Why can’t I hear him doing anything? It’s a bad idea to turn my head, isn’t it…

The belt tightens around my neck and the knee in the small of my back changes my inner monologue to please pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease as I wait to find out which toy he grabbed to hit me with.

Ohgoditsthecrop… If I don’t drop them it’s only thirty…

I lose count and start to sob as his knee comes off of me and the belt lets up to let me cry. “Arms up, sweetheart, that’s at least ten more.” I whimper back and he asks, “what was that?” right into my ear.

“Yes, Sir, sorry.”

“I’m not sorry, most people drop at least one by now. Maybe they aren’t heavy enough.” My arms are throbbing as I wait for the rest. They come fast, switching sides without a pattern I can count, and I can’t keep my breath. I won’t drop them, I won’t, I won’t, I won’t…

One of the books gets lifted out of my left hand and I almost fall to the right. I get a laugh and a kiss.

“Good girl. Get on the bed, I have other plans for you…”


Safety disclaimers and considerations: This scene was conducted after negotiation, between consenting adults who know the array of risks involved and still decided that the risky breathplay yanking a belt around a neck was the plan that day. There were safe signals negotiated for the portion of the scene where safewording was impractical. I don't endorse any particular risk profile as superior for anyone else, and suggest you learn about the risks involved in the kink activities you plan to engage in before you do them.


Join me for Negotiation for Edgeplay (Bottoming 201!) for Wicked Grounds on September 19 at 6pm Pacific (9 Eastern), tickets here, or for Boundary Enforcement and Expression on September 24.

Kink welcome but not required, I'm running a relationship retreat for dyads and triads from November 10-12. Learn more here.

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