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Relationship Anarchist Values Workbook

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Get the free workbook and learn more about Relationship Anarchist values and whether they align well with yours by filling in your name and email below. Then, consider joining me and Annie Undone for class on July 28.

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WTF is Relationship Anarchy?

Relationship Anarchy has become increasingly popular in recent years, but what does it really mean to organize your relationships according to this philosophy?

Laura Boyle and Annie Undone, each of them having come to relationship anarchy through much exploration, learning, and life experience, are happy to present this 90-minute workshop on what RA is, and what some ways it can work in real life are.

If you think you like some of the things you've heard about Relationship Anarchy, but you aren't sure if you're going to need to change your politics, take up extra romances, or entirely reimagine how your current relationship(s) look - come to class and let's bust some myths and talk about about real possibilities together. Your two RA Mamas are here, they're queer, and they're going to help you figure out: What is Relationship Anarchy, and is it for you?

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