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Season 3 Episode 6: Polyamorous Breakups

"So, you know, I have to watch out for standard bad coping mechanisms like drinking too much and getting under someone to get over someone, AND poly dominoes."

This week, Laura discusses the ways polyamorous breakups share traits with and differ from monogamous ones, both from her own perspective and using the framework laid out by Kathy Labriola in The Polyamory Breakup Book: Causes, Prevention, and Survival.

Spoilers: most breakups are caused by the same basic reasons as monogamous relationship breakups, but there are some addendums and caveats, and we'll go through them here.

Ready for Polyamory's take on polyamorous breakups:

Kathy Labriola's Polyamory Breakup Book

Jess Mahler's The Polyamorous Home

As always, our music provided by the talented Vince Conaway.

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