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Season 3 Episode 5: FWB and Play Partners

"You know, flowers and... I don't know, what's like a flower? Rose colored glasses?"

As an expansion of last week's podcast, Laura discusses how to apply the ideas of consensual non-monogamy, polyamory, and relationship anarchist theory to friends with benefits and play partner relationships - and the ways each differ and combining them complicate one another.

The idea that these relationships can be part of polyamorous folks' networks and shouldn't be dismissed as 'only' anything because they can be rich and fulfilling relationships that create important friendships and connections features, as highlighted in this post.

Strategies for handling jealousy, especially for folks who are previously monogamous or largely monogamish but engaging in play partnerships (as in the kink scene) are suggested, building off of this:

Multiamory's RADAR concept is mentioned in the podcast, as a strategy for folks who want to build in some relationship-check-ins. Here are some links to find more info:

No guests today! But as always our music is provided by the talented Vince Conaway who can be found at

You can find the podcast at, you can join us on facebook at, follow on Twitter @lauracb88 & instagram @readyforpolyamory, and if you'd like to support us financially we're on Patreon at and ko-fi at

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