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Season 3 Episode 4: Relationship Anarchy

"I feel like you're telling me a true story here-"

Laura and David answer the important questions about application and theory of Relationship Anarchy in this week's episode. So what is Relationship Anarchy? In the most basic and technical sense it’s the application of political anarchy theory to relationships. It’s anti-hierarchy, anti-government intervention in relationships, pro-autonomy, pro-community interdependence, and anti-monogamy. Generally, this is compatible with non-hierarchical forms of polyamory, but we'll talk a little about the places where you might get hung up and why.

We also talk a little about Andie Nordgren's Relationship Anarchist Manifesto and the principles it explicitly outlines about how to conduct relationships - not just romantic relationships but all interpersonal relationships. A relationship anarchist can practice polyamory as a relationship style, but they are still a believer in relationship anarchy. A polyamorist can support some or most of the underlying premises of relationship anarchy and not be a relationship anarchist because the one or two they don’t are A Big Deal in RA; and we examine both and their intersection this week.

Relationship Anarchy Applied: Friends with Benefits and Play Partners:

Approaching Relationships from Joy, not Fear:

You may remember our guest, David Overton, from Season 2 and our "Love in the Time of COVID-19" episode. He is a former event organizer in his area north of Boston, MA, and doesn't currently have any events or projects for me to promote in this space.

As always, the intro and outro music is provided by the lovely and talented Vince Conaway, who you can find at

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