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Season 3 Episode 10: Podcastiversary!

My podcast baby is a year old!! This week's episode was live in video on facebook live - and that's going to get shared maybe? at some point? We'll see. But the podcast itself, in audio, is live now.


There were some live video technical difficulties during this livestreamed episode (in video! too!) so I'm releasing the audio now and fixing the video up after some more coffee (it's too early Saturday morning) so there was a little bit of my very android partner cursing all my fruit based technology but not wanting to get me in trouble with one of the biggest podcast hosts. It was adorable.

It is our podcastiversary! Last year, S1 E1 of the Ready For Polyamory Podcast released. So we did a kind of silly laugh along retrospective to celebrate.

To more seriously answer some of the questions about favorite episodes (and get down the answer about episodes I think are most important that got cut off mid-ramble because...well... technical difficulties and I ramble:

My favorite episodes to record were:

S1E5 on Compersion

S1E6 and S2E5 tearing apart trashy tv with Corwin

S1E11 on media portrayal of polyamory (Where, contrary to his assertions, Ken tries to correct me in public)

S3E1 talking about Disability&Polyamory with Rachael Rose

and S3E3 talking about emotional processing with Orphne

and the episodes I think came out the best and do the clearest job of sharing really important information are:

S1E1: Polyamory 101(which is a re-record but now has the info AND sounds great)

S2E7 &8: Coming Out Part 1and 2 (I'm especially partial to part 2, but that whole conversation was great and came out how it was supposed to, and both at once is very rare)

S3E5: FWB and Play Partners didn't come out just how I want but is a really good jumping off point to start talking about the topic, which I think is an important one.

It's been a great year and I hope to have an even better one to share with you next year!

As always, our music is provided by the talented Vince Conaway who you can find at; the podcast is at, the Patreon at; the ko-fi at; you can join us on Facebook at, I'm on twitter @lauracb88 and instagram @readyforpolyamory.

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