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Season 2 Episode 8:Coming Out Part 2

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

"Isn't that cat toes?"

Today, in the second half of their conversation, our heroes from last week continue on their epic Quest For Answers About Coming Out.

...Wait, wrong genre.

They do have a nice conversation including a bunch of strategies for how to handle situations where folks have negative or shocked reactions to information on polyamory, as well as some funny stories about people getting things Very Wrong because the monogamous programming is strong with them. (that's where the cat's toes come in.)

Regardless of whether you come out often, once, or not yet, these two podcast episodes taken together have good information for you.

I am deeply thankful to all my guests for being willing to share personal stories of their pasts for these episodes. Jami and Brian are friends of the blog and podcast who have been polyamorous for several years and share much of their background story in Part I of the Coming Out podcasts; Corwin is a frequent podcast guest and occasional guest writer for the blog who is the owner and operator of Upline, CT's premier rope studio. You can find him at He's been non-monogamous for eight years. Seva is his partner and a co-teacher at the studio, who's been polyamorous for seven years. Daniel GreenWolf is my metamour as well as a talented magician and performer. His site and upcoming virtual show information can be found at You can find more information about all the guests from the podcast here.

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If you aren't caught up with the podcast, listen to it here.

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