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Season 2 Begins: Polyamory as a Catch-all for Ethical Non-monogamy

"One of those is your boyfriend, one of those is your husband, one is your best friend, and one has been your lover for the last 15 years"

In Season 2, Episode 1 of the podcast, Kimota Tigerlily and Laura discuss different forms of ethical non-monogamy, how polyamory has become a catch-all term for all of them, the ways this is good and bad for polyamorous visibility, and how our guest could have four relationships all called best friend that an outsider describes with that tagline.

They touch on this being a re-recording of an episode intended to close Season 1 (guess who only has half her notes?); the legalization of domestic partnerships between 3+ people in Somerville, MA (sorry for the jokes, Somerville, but the fact that your city employees can add other city employees they're in partnerships with to their health plans now was too good not to giggle at); the pros and cons of using polyamory as our public "pretty word" for all non-monogamy; and much more, mostly on topic!

(That's this show's motto - much more, mostly on topic!)

As always, our beautiful music is provided by the talented Vince Conaway, who you can find at

If you're listening from somewhere other than host of our podcast and don't get a cute link to her guest page there, Kimota would like you to know that she's a dominatrix, shibari switch, lover of food, and huge nerd, who has been on the polyamorous side of the ENM spectrum for 8 years, and you can find her at or on OF under KimotaTigerlily.

As always, you can find the Ready for Polyamory Podcast at and if you'd like to support the blog and podcast and get excised tidbits and early releases, you can become a Patron at . Alternatively, you can throw a one time tip in the hat at

So, if Christmas is your thing, I hope it was merry, and happy Boxing/St. Stephen's day. Happy New Year to all, and I'll have a new episode for you on the 2nd.

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