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Podcast Season 4 Episode 5: Couple's Privilege

In this episode, Laura examines the cultural reality of couple's privilege - the ways in which pair-bonding is encouraged and rewarded in our mono-normative culture - and the ways that folks sometimes unthinkingly or out of additional cultural conditioning work to uphold that privilege by enforcing hierarchies and prioritizing relationships over the needs of individuals. This episode looks at which parts of that are avoidable or mitigatable in our present society, which parts need "working around," and offers some options for folks who choose to stay within largely couple-based and hierarchical frameworks as well as those who prefer to explode those frameworks in their relational choices.

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As always, the music for the show is by the lovely, talented Vince Conaway, who you can find at .

You can find all the links to support Ready for Polyamory in all its forms (blog, podcast, book, social media, everything!) at the linktree: , including the now launched-to-the-public non-monogamy coaching and peer support options, if you're so moved. We'd love to see you in the facebook group or interacting on the social media (@readyforpolyamory everywhere but twitter, where I'm @lauracb88); and we'll be back next week with a new episode before the holiday long weekend.

There's a book giveaway on at Tiktok until Thursday 11/18 in the evening, if you follow there and leave a comment on the giveaway video you'll be entered for a chance to win a copy of Ready for Polyamory: A Pragmatic Guide to Consensual Non-Monogamy.

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