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Podcast Season 4, Episode 4: Religion and Polyamory pt 2

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

In this examination of various ways religion and spirituality may impact people's practice of polyamory, Laura discusses the topic with guests from several different backgrounds to see how the processes of coming out as polyamorous, unpacking mono-normativity and purity culture, partner selection, and inhabiting the normative culture vary based on their early and ongoing religious experiences.

In part 2, Laura converses with a person of devout Christian belief who explains how he holds his polyamory to be compatible theologically but not always logistically with his faith & everyday life as an active member of his church.

As always, the music for the show is by the lovely, talented Vince Conaway, who you can find at .

You can find all the links to support Ready for Polyamory in all its forms (blog, podcast, book, social media, everything!) at the linktree: , including the now launched-to-the-public non-monogamy coaching and peer support options, if you're so moved. We'd love to see you in the facebook group or interacting on the social media (@readyforpolyamory everywhere but twitter, where I'm @lauracb88); and we'll be back next week with a look at couple's privilege in polyamory.

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