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Podcast Season 2 Episode 5: Polyamory: Married and Dating Episodes 4-7

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

"Remind me not to go to any of YOUR soirées."

In today's episode Laura and Corwin tear apart the tropes and stereotypes in the second half of season 1 of Showtime's Polyamory: Married and Dating. If you'd like to watch along, anywhere you can stream showtime shows, be it an individual app or adding the channel to Amazon or Hulu accounts, will get you access. (Because it's about an hour and a half of content, a free trial will do you fine; just remember to cancel!) We're discussing episodes 4-7 today; you can hear our take on episodes 1-3 in Season 1, Episode 6 of this podcast.

We talk about what looks faked and real in this prime example of a scripted/ "unscripted" reality show, and how to avoid the interpersonal errors made by the characters on the program. We also giggle about how cringey it is, abuse the word "soirée" and generally have a good time, because getting your best friend on Zoom for a couple hours of trash tv trashing is a quality pandemic activity for THIS host.

Corwin has been practicing ethical non-monogamy for the past eight years, getting his start with polyamory and slowly branching out into other styles of non-monogamy. Currently, he describes his relationship style as ethical non-hierarchical non-monogamy. He also owns and operates Upline, CT's premiere rope studio, the details about which can be found at His personal rope & photography projects can be found on Instagram @corwinrope.

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