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Podcast Season 2 Episode 11: Legal Hypotheticals

"I'm definitely not a lawyer, but even if I were, you'd give better legal advice than me" - a line I edited out, but Ken did say. Just so you all know. Even his ego has limits. He's only a fake doctor.

In today's episode, we examine legal progress made by polyamorous people and relationships in the USA, and how hypothetical additional progress might work out. Content Warning: There's a little language because Ken struggles with not using blue language and I don't mind it, in appropriate context.

We examine the possibilities of how to get to a national standard of more than two person domestic partnership or marriage and why there's a difference between those (and Ken's rant about marriage being an outdated institution that should be abolished is can't-miss! and my eye roll at his being married to not one but two people despite this is AUDIBLE), and have some laughs along the way. I hope you enjoy it. See you next week for the last of this season before a short break between seasons 2 and 3.


You can find his book Stories and Sins here, it's great! and the audiobook will be coming soon.

I’ll be teaching my Beyond the Kitchen Table: Modes and Models of Parallel Polyamory class at Tethered to Wifi 2.0, the digital version of Tethered Together, on Saturday March 20 from 11:30am -1pm. The con as a whole runs from the 19-21 and you can get tickets at Tickets are $30 until sales close the day before the event. There are a lot of great presenters on topics ranging from relationships to movement to rope and a couple cool shows; come play with us!

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