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Podcast Episode 9: Local Community and Finding Your "People"

This episode was meant to be centered on finding local community, meeting people near you, integrating into new polyamorous social circles, and so on - and went rather off the rails because I invited a very old friend to do it with me. Talya recently re-relocated (she was kind of migratory for a while) to Mexico City, and is exploring polyamory in that cultural context in a more serious way for the first time, which colored the conversation.

Current events colored the conversation.

Familial interruption colored the conversation.

So, I've cut you a delightful, entertaining, and (I think) educational episode of me picking this brilliant woman I've been lucky enough to call a friend for many years' brain, and I hope you enjoy it.

As always, the intro and outro music is provided by the talented Vince Conaway.

Talya is a polyamorous holistic mental health coach, mother and pagan eclectic witch with an M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. She has been polyamorous for more than a decade and draws on her experiences in polyamorous relationships, as well as her own mental health journey, to empower others to find their own ways of expressing their authenticity. She recently relocated to Mexico City and is exploring polyamory in this new cultural context. You can follow her journey and musings on Instagram: blue_lotus_mind

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