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Podcast Episode 7: Ambiamory

This week, we have an episode on ambiamory, the concept of people who can be equally happy with either polyamory or monogamy. The link to our main episode is here

This week's guest is my friend Olivia who is choosing to remain anonymous and in place of sharing projects of hers is sharing a request for donations to Planned Parenthood.

All the podcast carriers now carry us! So, if you use apple products please log in there and give us reviews and comments. If your usual mode of accessing podcasts wasn't carrying us its because 60-70% copy Apple Podcast's link, so we should now be everywhere.

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Laura Boyle
Laura Boyle
Jul 29, 2020

Hi Dan,

I understand that lots of people experience this as more of a fixed orientation without changes in their lives, which is why I included the little cameo by my metamour Daniel, who has had that experience. I personally haven't - despite spending many years in polyamorous relationships and thinking they make the most sense for me right now and many years in the past, they might not forever, and I have a distinct sense of that.

I feel that the discourse in general is moving toward orientation being how we speak about this issue and thus "ambiamory" (or an equivalent term - for about ten years before "polyamory" gained traction, magazines and newspapers on "polyfidelity" meaning a similar…


Dan B. L.
Dan B. L.
Jul 27, 2020

Dear Laura, I listened to the episode on Ambiamory. It was a really interesting discussion and you both presented very rich perspectives. I'd like to add, though, that regarding the "orientation" thing, people often talk about it as it would have to be the same experience as a sexual orientation in order to be called so.

Maybe orientation is not the best word, but I do believe that a lot of people experience those things as a more or less "fixed" trait, throughout life. Ever since I started having romantic feelings for people, I tended to experience them for more than one person simultaneously. And the feelings for one didn't change the feelings for the other. I've tried monogamy and,…

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