• Laura Boyle

Podcast Episode 6: Polyamory - Married and Dating

Corwin and Laura take apart all the ways the 2012 Season 1 Episodes 1-3 of Polyamory: Married and Dating portray polyamory negatively, or as a stereotyped joke, while noting that this was pretty much the heyday and high point of scripted/not scripted "reality tv" and that if you missed this then, you might still find equal parts enjoyment and anger in watching it, as Laura did. It looks like it's available through showtime's streaming service, though Laura has that channel as an add-on to her Amazon prime account.

If you want to watch before you listen, or after you listen to the "recap," (or after the episode, because, really, while we make a great case for it being bad community representation, we also make a great case for it being quite entertaining, albeit cringier than I like) it's "half-hour" made for cable episodes so it takes an hour to watch all three. It's absolutely not necessary, but if you want the option, that's where to find the show; season 1, episodes 1-3.

You can find this episode at http://readyforpolyamory.fireside.fm/polymarriedanddating


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