Podcast Episode 11: Polyamorous Representation in the Media

In the Ready for Polyamory Podcast Season 1 Finale, Laura and Ken Briodagh discuss polyamorous representation in the media - the good, the bad, and the meh? of it all.

There was supposed to be one additional episode of the podcast, in which Kimota Tigerlily and I talked about ENM and Polyamory and what effect using one term to mean the other has, and it was recorded and edited into what I honestly thought was the best episode of the season, but everyone I trust about this assures me was just the theory-wonkiest episode of the season, and everything is still fine even though I spent a morning doing much wailing and gnashing of teeth upon finding that the files were gone.

Regardless, you get a wonderful season closer where we talk about tabloids, news, real fiction, and the ways those are improving with time as well as how polyamory is having a Moment.

Ken Briodagh is a storyteller, author and editor. He's been my partner for more than 4 years and polyamorous for some years more than that. He’s been a cook, telemarketer, medical supply technician and mover of the bodies at a funeral home. Most of his exploits are either exaggerated or blatantly false and no one can prove otherwise. Ken is the creator of StoryPhoenix, which you can visit at StoryPhoenix.com, facebook.com/StoryPhoenixes/, Twitter @StoryPhoenix_ . You can follow Ken @AtlasWriter on Twitter and youtube.com/user/atlaswriter. You can buy his book of poetry Stories and Sins here, and you should, not just because I love him but because I like it.

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