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Podcast Episode 11: Polyamorous Representation in the Media

In the Ready for Polyamory Podcast Season 1 Finale, Laura and Ken Briodagh discuss polyamorous representation in the media - the good, the bad, and the meh? of it all.

There was supposed to be one additional episode of the podcast, in which Kimota Tigerlily and I talked about ENM and Polyamory and what effect using one term to mean the other has, and it was recorded and edited into what I honestly thought was the best episode of the season, but everyone I trust about this assures me was just the theory-wonkiest episode of the season, and everything is still fine even though I spent a morning doing much wailing and gnashing of teeth upon finding that the files were gone.

Regardless, you get a wonderful season closer where we talk about tabloids, news, real fiction, and the ways those are improving with time as well as how polyamory is having a Moment.

Ken Briodagh is a storyteller, author and editor. He's been my partner for more than 4 years and polyamorous for some years more than that. He’s been a cook, telemarketer, medical supply technician and mover of the bodies at a funeral home. Most of his exploits are either exaggerated or blatantly false and no one can prove otherwise. Ken is the creator of StoryPhoenix, which you can visit at,, Twitter @StoryPhoenix_ . You can follow Ken @AtlasWriter on Twitter and You can buy his book of poetry Stories and Sins here, and you should, not just because I love him but because I like it.

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Just listened to some of the podcast episodes (basically cause I'm bored with Netflix & Co and got to talk and get to know several poly people so wanted to dig deeper) and wanted to mention that Star Trek Enterprise (15-18 years ago) featured a central character in a policule where the entire race/planet is polyamorous. And in true Star Trek manner, it is portrayed as just a normal part of that person and race and accepted as is (in that it's not used to create a drama arc to make a statement about the morality of it).

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