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Metamour's Day 2022

As I remind people every year, February 28 is our own polyamorous hallmark holiday: Metamour's Day!

Metamour is one of the pieces of polyam jargon that is actually really handy - because while when you're close with a metamour (your partner's other partner with whom you are not romantically involved) you might just be able to call them a friend, sometimes that isn't quite the relationship you have, or you don't know what it will be, or it's in flux, and having a word that draws a veil over all of that lets you take those thoughts and changes at any pace you need.

I have, over the years, had metas with whom I have & had relationships varying from "we can be in the same room I guess" to "neither of us dates that person but we're still friends ten years later." I'd like to give a special shoutout to my current metas, for rolling through several iterations of closeness and distance while maintaining open communication about our boundaries over the last six years - because it's not always easy, and a global pandemic didn't help any, and we're doing better than ever.

Some metamour-themed posts from the blog, for Metamour's Day:

I'll be teaching two classes and hosting a polyam mixer at Tethered Together in Stamford CT March 11-13. Tickets are available until March 4 at 11:59, if you can join me! My fellow presenters are AMAZING and it'll be a packed weekend of rope, relationships, and movement classes. You can always check out my Events page to see what other classes and events I've got coming up.

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