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Season 3 Episode 7: Early Relationship Agreements

"I don't remember exactly what I was scared of, but I'm pretty sure it was younger, blonder, and prettier than me, at least."

In today's episode, Laura tells the story of two of her earliest non-monogamous relationships as a frame for explaining ways to make relationship agreements (and some really good examples of ways not to). You can get out some popcorn and enjoy the spectacle of her insecure and underinformed early 20s in between listening to excellent advice.

Here are some resources she wishes she'd had (or had already read) before several short-lived relationships where terms were dictated to her:

And here are a couple more related posts from the blog on things to consider when making relationship agreements:

As always, our music provided by the talented Vince Conaway.

You can find the episode at, you can join us on facebook at, follow on Twitter @lauracb88 & instagram @readyforpolyamory, and if you'd like to support us financially we're on Patreon at and ko-fi at

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