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Podcast Season 6, Episode 1: High Standards, Low Expectations

"We don't automatically or invisibly put expectations on each other - that leads to resentment and conflict."

"To heck with the hyper independent BS - community and the autonomous individual existing together is where it's at."

In this week's episode, Laura and Michelle Hy of Polyamorous While Asian chat about solopolyamorous dating, creating symbolism in your relationships, and the cocreation of expectations within a relationship. Learn about Mchelle's dating approach of "High standards, low expectations," ideas about community focus and coregulation in relationships while maintaining autonomy, and the possible radical and anticapitalist applications of polyamory as a framework for relationships.

You can find Michelle at and on Instagram @polyamorouswhileasian. The original "High Standards, Low Expectations" post can be found at

As always you can find Laura and Ready for Polyamory at, on Instagram and Tiktok @readyforpolyamory, and on Twitter @ready4polyamory.

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