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Podcast Season 2 Episode 3: Love in the Time of COVID-19


I've used this subtitle before, but why be more creative than imitation when Gabriel García Márquez has already been a genius I can rip off?

2020 has been defined, in large part, by the COVID-19 pandemic and precautions the population at large has taken to prevent its spread. How have these affected polyamorous relationships and networks? Have there been greater numbers of breakups? Have lockdown orders strengthened some relationships and weakened others?

Our guest this week is David Overton, a polyamorous event organizer in his local area who ran the New England Poly Prom event for 4 years (it would have been 5, but 2020 happened). His household came up with carefully defined, science-based, case-number per population guidelines for seeing their partners from outside the household when it became clear the shelter in place orders were not just going to be "a couple weeks in March." So, we had an interesting conversation about the effects these guidelines have had on their extended polycule that I struggled to cut down to an hour-long podcast for you all.

Additionally, at the end of our long, fun conversation, I realized that he is "The Guy" Kimota Tigerlily and I thought was a myth in episode 1, so, having found the guy, I report back to you all that someone should alert the tabloids, and that I'm not going to because he's nice. He said he's got no events to promote or sites to link, so no formal guest page or links today.

As always, the wonderful music is provided by Vince Conaway and his hammered dulcimer, and more information and ways to purchase and support can be found at

The podcast remains at; the Patreon, where in exchange for your support you can get advanced releases of posts, outtakes of podcasts or advance releases of podcasts is at; and the Ko-fi, where you can throw a one time coin in my hat, is at

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