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Marking Milestones: The Podcast

First, thanks to all of you, gentle readers, who have even considered jumping over and giving the Ready For Polyamory Podcast a listen.

And second, thank you to those of you who did for mostly listening to every episode - I can tell from my metrics that almost every episode has just about the same number of downloads and complete listens as the others, and that's a wonderful compliment of interest and a wonderful encouragement of the prep work I'm doing for Season 2 of the podcast.

The reason I'm saying this today is that while I wasn't looking last week, the podcast crossed the 2,000 download mark, which may not sound like much to some of you, but for me, who made this with no expectation that anyone would want to listen to my (often kind of theory heavy and nerdy) thoughts (recorded in my bedroom because a flood wrecked the wall hanging insulation in my basement studio and all with guests via Zoom because COVID19), is an amazing success. I often feel weird sharing victories, because it feels like bragging. So, I'm running with my impulse to share this one before my therapist lectures me about it later in the month, and thanking you all for making this success possible.

I'll be back with content in the next day or two, but I saw this and got excited and wanted to share - I hope you're excited with me! If you have topics you want to hear more about in Season 2, or that you wish had been part of Season 1, send me an email at; I'm in the organizing and recording phase for Season 2 and still have room to add ideas.

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