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IT'S ALIVE! My Book, It's Alive!

While I'm sorry for the relative silence here on the blog lately, folks, I promise it's been caused by working hard in favor of a good cause - finishing touches on the book, Ready for Polyamory: A Pragmatic Guide to Consensual Non-Monogamy. I'm so excited about being able to bring this book-baby of mine to the world, that I can't even wait for the paperback's pre-order link to go live to share with you. As of this moment, the Kindle edition is live for pre-orders on Amazon here and the paperback will be available later this week, while both will deliver to you by October 1, 2021.

ETA: The paperback is now also available, and appears to be shipping live so... preorder for kindle or order now for paperback if you, like me, have no chill. If you're in the continental US and would like a signed copy, feel free to contact me via social media or the site's contact form to direct order a signed copy, they'll be $20.

I'm incredibly excited to be able to share this book with all of you - a selection of practical thoughts rooted in theory to get you over humps of difficulty in polyamorous relationships and identify what you want out of new ones, while simultaneously a book thorough enough that if you give it to someone new to this, they have a strong foundation to build on. I'm proud to say I think I achieved that, and I hope you agree once you read the book. Please, click through, and get either the Kindle or paperback version depending on your preference and then drop me a review.

Now, to get back to writing here and recording podcasts on a tighter schedule for you all. Catch you soon!


You can find the podcast at, you can join us on facebook at, follow on Twitter @lauracb88 & instagram @readyforpolyamory, and if you'd like to support us financially we're on Patreon at and ko-fi at The book is available on Amazon; please leave a review if you enjoy it!

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