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Hear Ye, Hear Ye! An Announcement!

The Ready For Polyamory Podcast Season 2 is coming! The Ready For Polyamory Podcast Season 2 is coming!

It's not quite Paul Revere's ride, I know, but starting December 26, and every Saturday for 11 weeks to follow (that's 12 episodes, if you're counting), I'm happy to bring you Season 2 of the Ready for Polyamory podcast. You can find it on whatever platform you prefer to listen to podcasts, or at our host page, . Please, review and like and all those good things so we can get into as many ears as possible.

This season me and my slew of guests (some of whom you'll recognize and some you might... well, recognize from elsewhere online, but not here?) will be bringing you a rather grand variety of posts. From discussions of theory, to hypothetical tale spinning, to practical examinations of ethical ways to apply all the theory, to a roundtable discussion in which five of us jostle for your attention - I mean, very politely disagree and take turns talking like adults - this season has some new takes as well as the existing 'standards' created in season 1. I'm very excited to bring it to you and I hope you're excited to hear it.

So, for today's tax-on-giving-you-an-announcement-as-a-post, here, have a photo of me recording and editing in a dragon onesie. As one does.

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If you haven't heard Season 1 of the podcast, catch up with it here.

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