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Season 6 Episode 5: Non-Binary Polyamorous Experience

"It's really just a matter of making sure people really see me, Ebony, and me includes non-binary identity as well as the experience of Black womanhood."

"It's been one thing to have issues in dating, but more than wrong pronouns or disrepect from partners, it's been metamours seeing me as a woman because of shared partners."

In response to listener questions about non-binary experience in a polyamorous relationship landscape, Laura sits down with Ebony of Marjani Lane to gain first person perspective on this issue. Ebony shares their perspective on the ways being non-binary can narrow dating pool, how other privileges and marginalized identities intersect with nonbinary identity, and ways that the polyam community tricks itself into thinking it's more inclusive while not walking that talk.

You can find Marjani Lane the account on Instagram, @MarjaniLane as well as using the Direct Me page ( to find other social media, ways to tip Ebony, and a subscribe button to hear when they update.

If you're interested in following Laura and readyforpolyamory, check out the podcast or her linktree to find all social media, the book, and peer support options.

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