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...and don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Generally speaking, I try to keep the blog on topic, with the occasional digression to explain why someone else is going to write for a little while or equivalent. So it's all relationships, and pretty much all polyamorous relationships, all the time, with a hint of self-examination to improve those first two.

Today's post is not any of that. As proud as I am of finding a few followers, much as I wouldn't want partners or friends who condone yesterday's attempted coup (because that's what an incursion on the Capitol during on a joint session of Congress to certify an election is), I don't want readers who do so. If you think that was an acceptable action, I don't need you to read or follow me. If you have turned away from Fox News because they called the election for President-Elect Biden; if you really believe the election was stolen; if you believe the messages from the 45th President about how this has gone - I really don't need or want you here.

Some of you may not believe that your fellow polyamorists could be taken in by a con man who's against basic human rights, but we hit the reality that there is no group free of gullible people, and no group free of jerks, honestly. People who practice polyamory are no more enlightened than anyone else, no matter what one so-called guru or another might claim. Just like every other group we have Trumpers among us and after yesterday it's not something I'm willing to ignore. This isn't how much of the budget we're allocating to the road improvements, it's the foundations of a democratic republic. We don't have comment activity, for the most part (I get occasional emails, but that's about it) but I feel strongly enough about this that I think it's important to make a statement.

This is my virtual living room, so if you wouldn't be welcome in my physical living room because of your views on this, you're not welcome in the virtual one either. Don't let the door hit you on the way out if you think an attempted coup and a violent incursion into the Capitol during a joint session of Congress is a proportionate and appropriate response to the loss of an election.

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