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Laura Boyle
"A polyamory guide for the real world"

Want to find YOUR flavor of non-monogamy? 


Polyamory, open relationships, swinging, relationship anarchy, and many other relationship styles under the consensual non-monogamy umbrella have been the subject of growing attention in recent years. 


Whether one particular style is exactly right for you, or whether intentionally choosing monogamy is your best path forward, there are lessons to be learned from examining cultural assumptions around how relationships “must” work. 


Laura Boyle is a relationship coach with over 15 years of lived experience in non-monogamous relationships. She has young kids and practices a relationship anarchist leaning style of non-hierarchical polyamory in her personal life. She maintains the most often-cited Polyamory Glossary online and keeps the Ready for Polyamory blog & podcast to provide accessible information on non-monogamy online.


Laura guides clients through adjustments to mindset and relationship agreements necessary around major life changes; works with individuals, dyads, and groups of three on the challenges of cohabiting and un-nesting; and helps people newer to the concept of non-monogamy find their stride in a style that suits them and their existing partnerships.


Non-Monogamy Education

To learn if you're a good fit for my class on Relationship Anarchy on July 28, download my Relationship Anarchist Values Workbook here.

To help meet my commitment to accessibility, I partner with groups that provide tiered and sliding scale digital workshop admission. If you’re interested in having me present for a group online or in person, fill out the form here.

Sessions to overcome the personalized challenges and navigate changes of individuals, couples, or triads/vees. Please fill out my contact form so we can email to see if we’re a fit and talk about plans!

I am the author of Ready for Polyamory: A Pragmatic Guide to Consensual Non-Monogamy, available in paperback, ebook, and audio formats, as well as updating my blog  and the polyamory glossary for accessible online information.

My next book, Monogamy? In This Economy?: Finances, Childrearing, and Practical Concerns of Polyamory is coming out August 21 from Jessica Kingsley Publishers. Preorder Now!

Ready for Polyamory

The project of Ready for Polyamory began as an expansion of years of local teaching experiences; making information more available as consensual non-monogamy seemed to be becoming more popular and resources were catching up with demand. During the pandemic, it expanded into a podcast, and significant online community as well. While your practice of non-monogamy or of polyamory may look very different from mine, finding common ground to learn from one another and giving folks new to this style of relating information to make their own mistakes with open eyes is very important to me as an educator. Giving folks who have been doing this a while new tools to smooth out bumps in the road is my favorite thing as a coach, but making sure new folks realize these paths are here at all is the most important function of the blog and glossary.

So stay a while, check out the blog, and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

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