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Growth Cycles

A retreat for polyamorous women

Boundary Identification in an Intimate Setting

So many texts about relationships - not just romantic ones, but familial, platonic, and in our workplaces - instruct and expect us to uphold our personal boundaries, without considering the ways our culture teaches us to never even acknowledge where they are in the first place. The work of learning to recognize our emotional and physical boundaries, as they exist in many situations that come up in polyamorous relationships, as well as in general, is something we may not be familiar with but can learn to do. Join me for a weekend on a historic property in Western MA to work in a small group on boundary identification and relational issues common in polyamory. 

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Common Relationship Issues

Although polyamory is undergoing a period of growth and greater cultural awareness, we polyam folks still remain a distinct minority of the population, and our relationship problems can be harder to discuss with family and friends as a result. A retreat with similarly situated people, facilitated by a coach with over 15 years experience in polyamorous relationships, can give you a space to process changes in relationships and strategize ways to care for yourself and work with partners and metas once you return home after the retreat, and the validation of being in community with others who have experienced similar can be very healing.

I tailor the experience to the needs of attendees, and the weekend includes two night's stay, your meals, and twelve hours of facilitated group activities for a maximum of seven participants.

Spaces are very limited, book today!

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