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Growth Cycles

A polyamorous retreat for expansion and understanding

A Communication Tune-Up

Are you looking to clarify relationship agreements and improve the ability of your relationship to move, recalibrate, and evolve through the uncertainty of everyday life? Join me for a weekend at a secluded retreat in the Connecticut woods this November to focus on communication, making sure your agreements serve the purposes you mean them to, and vulnerability with partners in an intimate setting. 

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A Relationship Intensive

Our relationships deserve the focused attention that so often we only save for work. Commit a weekend to curiosity about where your and your partner(s) boundaries lie and what that means for the current shape of your relationship as well as your mutual ability to evolve with the uncertainty and changes of life.


The home in which we're staying features private bedroom/bathroom suites for each dyad or triad who attend. While it's off the beaten trail and outside of town, our retreat is located ten minutes from state parks and vineyards, or half an hour from Mystic and Mohegan Sun, if you'd like to extend your trip with other activities.

Spaces are very limited, book today!

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