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Local Woman Promotes Event!

Having escaped from the pages of The People You’ll Meet While Polyamorous, an “Are You Also Kinky? I Have More Events For You!” is here in the person of your author. In fact, I have an event for you even if you aren’t kinky, but it’s a better value if you are. The conference I’m teaching at this weekend, Tethered To Wifi 2.0, the digital version of Tethered Together, is running three very interesting classes on polyamory that have nothing to do with kink, so regardless of your interest or lack thereof in rope or kink, the main subjects of the conference, you’re getting your money’s worth if you attend the three classes on polyamory. Mine, Beyond The Kitchen Table: Modes and Models of Parallel Polyamory, is Saturday at 11:30 am Eastern. The other two are on Sunday.

However (and here’s where I really get into character), if you are into kink, rope, or have interest in learning more about them, you can make the cost of the weekend conference into a really good deal for yourself. If you have all weekend free you can go to 14 time slots of classes plus social activities. If you don’t (or if, like me, you burn out after too many things in a row), you can go to 5 or 6 over the weekend and make each of them a $5 deal. Also, you can network with people and meet folks and get invited to other events. It’ll be great.

There, that wasn’t so bad. I didn’t even spill a glass of wine on you while handing out a pamphlet about my event. There are tiny benefits to the pandemic.


I’ll be teaching my Beyond the Kitchen Table: Modes and Models of Parallel Polyamory class at Tethered to Wifi 2.0, the digital version of Tethered Together, on Saturday March 20 from 11:30am -1pm. The con as a whole runs from the 19-21 and you can get tickets at Tickets are $30 until sales close this Thursday! There are a lot of great presenters on topics ranging from relationships to movement to rope and a couple cool shows; come play with us!

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