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Black Lives Still Matter

And that's still the story. Say their names. All of them. The ones the national media knows.

Breonna Taylor.

George Floyd.

Botham Jean.

Tamir Rice.

Trayvon Martin.

Philando Castile.

Eric Garner.

Sandra Bland.

The ones from my neck of the woods the local media dropped like a stone a week after, because it makes us look bad and "that doesn't happen here." It does, although about half the time the "suspicious black person" killed or horribly mistreated by police later turns out to also have an ethnicity we don't call Black.

Jayson Negron.

Corbin Cooper.

Zoe Dowdell.

Anthony “Chulo” Vega.

Steven Barrier.

Jarelle Gibbs.

Mubarak Soulemane.

Vincent “Kuda” Fowlkes.

Let's Say Their Names Today, and remember that this isn't over, that structural issues underlie these people. The Black and brown people that make our local police worth defunding. The way we've been defunding healthcare and social security and public schools, for more years than I can remember, and that I've been fighting about (at least the public schools) since I was a high school sophomore (the others came later).

Today, screw pimping the blog. Please give to the CT Bail Fund, and get local protesters out of jails in my area. It's not the place in the country that needs it most, but there's a lot that needs changing all over.

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